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Cancun, Mexico
Round trip air, transfers, hotel accomodations at Grand Oasis Palms
All Inclusive 1095.00 ( based on dbl occupancy)
Westin Resort and Spa 895.00 (based on dbl occupancy)

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Welcome to A Travel Moment
 Oakland, CA.

Celebrating 36 years in the Sobo Shopping District  and 49 years in Airline/Travel Planning.

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2014.....The Year of Travel

New York City ...Here we come Super Bowl
Feb 2, 2014 Travel Package Jan. 31-Feb 3
Prices begin at 3895.00 includes rt air, hotel, game ticket and more...Call NOW as space is limited.

March-June, 2014  " A Raisin in the Sun"  Package price of 1395.00 includes rt air, hotel, Harlem tour, and Theatre ticket.

7 Day Exotic Caribbean Cruise......Inclusive price of 2195.00 (based on dbl occupancy) includes rt air, transfers, and 7 day cruise on the Sunshine.

Jamaica Summer specials 1295.00(based on dbl occ)  Ocho Rios, Jamaica 7 days 6 nites.

Special rates to the World Cup in Brazil ...Call now for rates

Travel Certificate prices for Holiday travel/ 2014  available now!
Ask about our travel now/pay later plans
Ask about our fundraisers for churches and organizations.
Corporate Accounts welcomed 
For an unforgettable travel experience, call now
San Francisco and Oakland offices 
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